Shark Hair Clips / 1PCS / 2PCS / 3PCS

$12.99 USD

Product information
Material: Allo / Metal
Style: Japanese and Korea

A: Champagne bow grab clip
B: Champagne pendant grip
C: Gray bow grabbing clip
D: Black bow grabbing clip
E: Plain and elegant 2 piece set 
F: Smoke wave 2 piece set
G: Xiuya 2-piece set
H:  Nice  3-piece set
I: Temperament 2 piece set  
J:  Slim  2-piece set 
K:  Grace  2-piece set 
L:  Gentle  2-piece set  
M:   Scalloped Butterfly Fringe Grab Clip
N:   Half Round Butterfly Tassel Grab Clip
P:  Cutout Butterfly Fringe Grab Clip
Q: Sweet 2-piece set
R: Temperament  2-piece set


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